Sunday, September 7, 2014

Time to Update...Something

I felt the need to make sure I still knew how to even use this thing and felt compelled to share...something. Mainly because,'s Sunday?  Yeah, we'll go with that.  Book recommendations are always safe, I think.  I recently stumbled across this little gem, and got sucked in very quickly:  Unbreakable, by Kami Garcia.

I'm sure this will come as no surprise, but I am a nerd.  And there are very random, nerdy things that I like outside of literature.  Several of those elements were actually captured in this book, which I have found this author does very well, quite often.  Many of the settings are real, rather than fictional, places.  Garcia manages to incorporate the actual history of these places into her story lines.  (Which really makes me want to go visit said places in person, like I did when I was in New Orleans after reading her Beautiful Creatures series.)  Plus, there was a short passage about Alice in Chains, which happens to be my absolute favorite band.  That was a nice little surprise.  
But enough with detailed.  Pick it up, give it a try.  And get outside and do something fun before cold weather sneaks up on us again. Oh yeah, and one more thing...pumpkins!

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