Friday, February 6, 2015

"Great Scott!"

Today a coworker informed me that he hadn't seen an update in a while.  (Hi Bob!)  I sadly had to admit I've done ZERO writing lately. I can't manage to find the right motivation to finish my first, most developed project.  The motivation hasn't been there in a while, honestly.  However, my brain constantly thinks about other possible projects, which generally are inspired by the most random events.

This week, my 14 year old daughter decided she wanted to set aside a bit of time every night to watch the Back to the Future trilogy, which gets no argument from me.  Now, she is an avid Dr. Who fan.  I myself have never seen the show.  However, I would think she had at least some grasp on the whole theory of the space time continuum.  

Shortly after beginning the second movie, I realized that was not the case.  Of course, being truly stuck in the 80's, I can recite the movies, so that possibly has a bit to do with it.  Then she made a very random comment that kind of brought me up short.  She looked at me and stated, "well, if time travel really was possible, then it wouldn't really matter if people died."  Now that's kind of a morbid thought.  She expounded on this thought by explaining that people wouldn't have to be sad if someone died, because they could just go back in time and see them.  Or the deceased could travel forward in time to a period after their demise and visit loved ones.  So would you really miss someone after they died?  That's deep.  Very deep.  Opens a lot of possibilities for a very interesting story.  

In the meantime, as always, here's something I recently read that I highly recommend:  Afterworlds, by Scott Westerfeld.  Of course, some of you are aware that I am extremely partial when it comes to Westerfeld, but as an author who aspires to be published...someday...I found this one particularly entertaining.